Sunday Morning ~ New York

Sunday Morning ~ New York

Tsiku limodzi silioza mbewa. ~ One day does not make the dead mouse rot away.

~ Chewa proverb

December 15, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I knew when I bought this super cheap flight to Europe it might get delayed–––this airline is famous for it, but I was willing to chance it, knowing I had flexible plans and extra time, not to mention a free place to stay in New York with my dear friend and my kids in town. This is such a luxury. I am so lucky. And, despite my grumblings about all the instant information bombardment, how nice is it to get an email telling you your flight is delayed by a day? In the olden days I’d not have learned that until I shlepped all the way to the airport and my ride had just pulled away. So this entry that I thought I’d be writing on my phone is much more easily written on my laptop while sipping tea in a comfortable apartment in midtown Manhattan. I feel like a princess.  

With an extra day to spend here, yesterday Ruth and I walked past the Bergdorf window displays on our way to the Morgan Library to meet Jake and see the Singer Sargent, Portraits in Charcoal exhibit. Utterly magnificent. If you are anywhere in this neighborhood before January 9th, go.

When I planned this trip, rather last minute, current events were still dropping bombshells hourly. I’m disappointed the timing of the impeachment is such that I will miss the protests (well assuming my flight isn’t three more days delayed) but maybe I’ll find one in Amsterdam. The world is watching, so maybe. Or I can make my own (need to look into that). I keep thinking of the words of my new crush Adam Schiff, “We are better than this.” I will just do what I can where I am, recognize what privilege I enjoy, and carry myself with dignity as much as I can. We need to show the world that this vile administration does not represent the majority of us. 

Next week, Travel Goddesses willing, from Sicily. I realize what therapy travel is for me, how comforting it is to meet interesting people from all over, open the small space that can occupy a life, and get perspective on how big and beautiful our planet is. I am grateful for friends I’ve made around the world who are so welcoming. As always, it gives me hope for the future.

Love to all,


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