Sunday Morning ~ Acting

Sunday Morning ~ Acting

Mubvi woyang’anira ulowa m’cikope. ~ The arrow you just look at hits your eye.

~ Chewa Proverb

July 14, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a full week, starting in Boston meeting new educators and participating in their orientation, and ending on this island holding a candle in the park, praying for a humane way to help those seeking asylum. 

We stood along the edge of the park holding candles. Some held signs: CLOSE THE CAMPS, SEEKING ASYLUM IS LEGAL, HUMANITY, DIGNITY, FAMILY, and DON’T LOOK AWAY. The harbor was thick with fog and only a few tall masts were visible. Some tourists walking by stopped, took a candle, and stood with us for awhile. Others drove by and honked in support. One elderly man in a red jacket walked unsteadily down the sidewalk across the street. He stopped and raised his right hand with his middle finger up. He shook his arm to emphasize his epithet. Someone near him urged him along. He lumbered down the hill turning to give us the finger again yelling some profanity. A group behind him turned to us and yelled, “We are with you!” And raised fists in support, close enough to him to show they weren’t afraid of his large lumbering body or his slur. I found it surreal. Why could a group of silent protestors of government-sanctioned child abuse possibly threaten someone? 

It’s complicated. My mind is often confused, searching for the right path. I want to convince others what (I believe) is right and just and honorable. But how do I know what others should believe? Why do they believe what they do and what brought them to their belief? When people have profited by a system then vote to burn that bridge for others, where is the hope? Where should one’s energy be best spent? I’m trying to understand. My son reminded me of a lesson from The Art of War:  If you know yourself and not your enemy you will lose half the time. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy you will lose every time. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome. Where did Sun Tzu acquire his wisdom? I will take that book down from the shelf and read it again. I can’t just stand and watch the arrows. 

Love to all,


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