Sunday Morning ~ Speaking Life

Sunday Morning ~Speaking Life

Moyo wanga ndi mbiya, n’sunga ndekha. ~   My life is like a clay pot, I take care of it myself.

~ Chewa proverb

June 2, 2019

On my way again. I sit here, tucked away on a stone staircase, out of the way, with budding shrubs and a few purple blossoms strewn around. It’s warm, finally; I took my jacket off. I’m packed for the month. I’ve got some science books, some kids clothes, and some beads to donate. I’ve got the architectural plans, my clothes for the month, and a citrus squeezer for a gift. I was one short last time. I’ve got my passport, some cash for the visa, two books to read, and an empty travel mug. I’ve finally downloaded an app that will get me to the airport at an early hour ––– earlier than I can ask my kids to drive me. My house is in good hands with friends visiting for the month. I’ve had some quality time with the grandkids while their parents spent last night away to celebrate my youngest’s birthdays. My twins turned thirty-three yesterday. What a completely different life it was then. I thought about that this morning, trying to make breakfast and walk the dog with the two little ones clamoring. How did I have five and still finish graduate school? Well, I was thirty-three years younger, but still. Tonight is Amelia’s ballet recital. I didn’t want to miss it so I’m glad the timing worked out. 

I have no idea what will happen with my travels after this trip back to Malawi. I’ve got the month of June to work on getting this ward established and then Kathy will arrive in July and take the baton. She sent me a list this morning. It’s a list of Quaker Advices, one of which was “Let your life speak.” I love them all, but especially this one. I often think this is not what I imagined my life to be like at this age; sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes it gets me down. Today I find this advice reassuring and comforting: Let your life speak. I’ll leave it at that. 

Love to all,


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