Sunday Evening~Made it!

The Sangria last night seemed like a good idea at the time.  I had made a big batch for the christening brunch and the fruit was steeping beautifully. I thought I’d get all the prep done yesterday afternoon so by the time the guests arrived we’d be free to visit and chat. We had to get up early for mass, but I thought I’ve got this.  The sun is up by four, I’ll be up, put the coffee on and and get this written.  Hahahaha !  How very funny to think we (two of us!) could babysit for a toddler and infant, prepare for a party and welcome guests in a relaxed manner. Hahaha!

By 4 pm I thought I’d never make it until their bedtime.  Lists of things were yet undone and I started thinking they weren’t going to be. And I was right, it turns out.  Wasn’t going to even try. By the time guests started arriving it seemed a lot easier to just dip into the Sangria than try to figure out what else to serve. More guests. More Sangria. Oh, others weren’t arriving until nearly midnight? Oh, that wasn’t anticipated. More Sangria was consumed than should have been during that interlude, but it was a rollicking good time. Slept through the sunrise. Did get up to make coffee and get to mass on time, but that was touch and go for everyone involved.  Only the baby was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; the rest of us were moving a little slow.

The little angel was welcomed into the community with grace and love. The flowers never made it from the garden to the table, but the food did, in great form. Piles of clutter I had planned to sort and store were swept with one swipe into a box and hidden behind a chair.  There! That was easy! It was a great party that lingered into lolling and story-telling over a bit more Sangria until the last guests made their way home and the clean-up commenced. And now as the angels are asleep and the kitchen restored and I settle into an evening of hazy gratitude I figured I put this Sunday ritual back on the list.

The TED talk went up on the website this week. I held my breath as I watched it. It’s hard to watch yourself.  I thought I could have done better. But it’s done. It’s up. It’s shared. I’ll look ahead to what comes next, and in the morning when I can think straight, maybe I’ll have a better idea of what that is. Tonight, it seems like all that comes next is bed. Very soon.