Sunday Morning~Old Friends

I’m in Boston and have spent a fair chunk of time in graduation traffic. I’d considered taking the T, but I was getting a late start and erroneously thought it would be quicker to drive to an appointment on Friday of the BU graduation weekend. Big mistake. I didn’t know about the graduation. It was Friday! I thought everyone would be leaving the city! Graduations have been off my radar for a while as have Red Sox schedules. Oh well. Love That Dirty Water.

I was on my way to meet the people at Seed Global Health, the organization I’ll be working with next year. Though, I was very late due to the parking lot that was Storrow Drive, I was welcomed there like an old friend. I felt instantly at home and knew this was a great fit. When I first heard about this organization I knew I wanted work with them, and am excited about the upcoming year. I got some guidance with filling out licensing forms, some general information about my job for the year, and some very wonderful vibes about the team I’ll be part of.  New adventure! Meaningful work! New friends! This is a list of things that make me thrive. I love going forward into the unknown. I love trying to figure it out when I get there. I wonder where this came from?

Walking around the city, once I got the car safely out from under me, brought back so many good memories. I love this city. It is familiar, despite the changes. I met a college friend for dinner in the North End. As we walked there from Government Center, I though of how ugly that whole area was when I was in college. There was a huge elevated highway over what is now a beautiful park. Getting into the North End in those days was not a pretty experience. Once you were there it was  great; it was like it’s own little world, but trying to cross into it from Haymarket? Treacherous. Now it’s a stroll.

I thought about my college friends. Most of them were roommates or in my nursing class and once we got through everyone’s weddings, we’ve only stayed in touch via Christmas cards and those are getting fewer every year. I’ve missed most of my college reunions. I’ve either been away, or couldn’t afford it. Walking around the city, with the dogwood and magnolia in full bloom, made me wish I could see them all again. I wonder how to find them?  I guess Facebook is a good place to start. Maybe I’ll try that before our next big reunion in two years.

The college years are so formative: the breaking away, experiencing newness on your own, figuring out finances and food. All the life lessons that had been softly provided, are yanked out and left dangling until we can reconnect them to suit our personal need.  My high school was such a small pond. Those friends were my family (and still are) but this new big world had so many more to choose from. I savored it and thrived. I made many good loving friends. I wonder why I lost touch the way I did?  Lives in various parts of the country with kids and jobs and houses and mortgages?  Not sure, but walking those streets made me miss them. For awhile I wanted to be back in the 70’s and see what would have happened if I’d made different choices when I’d had the chance. I wonder what my life would be like now, knowing I have very few regrets and am happy. Still, I sometimes make up a story of my life’s trajectory if I’d chosen one thing differently. It’s where my mind went as I wandered and waited for dinner in my old stomping grounds.